Chase Race and Paws

Have you ever raced a 2 miler? It’s intense. And fun. But very, very, very intense. My best piece of advice is to do a thorough warm-up and then take off balls to the wall fast and try to hold on as best you can. Of course this is totally counter to what I recommend for a 5k but like that you really don’t want to have anything left in the tank once you finish. If you do then you didn’t run hard enough!

Today was the 4th time I’ve run the Chase Race but the first time since 2012 (kind of hard to justify a trip from the UK for a 2 mile event even if it is your favoritest road race in Arkansas). It is so much fun and incredibly well-organized plus you get to run with your dog for the 1 mile afterwards or love on all the other furbabies if your mutt (like my Elsie) has to stay home.

Today is also my 2 mile race personal best. Yeah, I know, totally shocked me as well, I was telling everyone it was probably a personal worst–I can never remember my race times–and came home to check out just how bad it was only to discover it was 4 seconds faster than my first Chase Race in 2009.  Now mind you, it’s still not terribly speedy at 15:07 but I’ve not done any speed work at all and have been struggling to run 8:30s on my shorter “faster” runs but hot damn I will take it!

My lungs hurt, my legs ache but the 2nd place age category kind of makes it all ok. Kudos to Don Potter and the entire team that makes the Chase Race such a success. Hopefully I will be back to run it in 2018 to chase down that sub 15 and Elsie will be up to running as well.

Pictures to be added later 🙂




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