I will be back

Apologies for the blog silence, there have been some major upheavals in our lives lately. Some may know that I am an immigrant to the UK and unfortunately due to a fairly dire year for my partner we didn’t make the income requirement for my visa renewal this year so it’s off to explore new countries.


Leaving out for the group run

Somehow my running club, dog-walking, and Nordic walking friends along with my partner all managed to put together an amazing surprise leaving do with me having absolutely no clue as to what was happening.  I just thought I was heading out for a Sunday afternoon run with two of my best mates only to be led into a trap! Couldn’t believe it when we started to run by Brew & Bake West Hallam and one of them stopped and said ok run is over. The place was filled to the brim with people! I’m still in awe at their ingenuity and the fact so many showed up to say good-bye.

So many people to thank and I have done so in person and via messages but 2 weeks later and I’m still floored over the outpouring of friendship and love.  I will add more to this as I get the time to do so but for now we are en-route to Malta in our car with a much longer stop than planned in Italy due to an increase in ferry crossing fares that we didn’t expect. Please follow our journey over at Gabby & Simon and yes Ben and Elsie are making the trip with us 🙂


Some of my furry friends and Elsie 🙂


Getting ready for the Nordic Walk! 

I will be back.



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