Silly o’clock Sunday Running


Doesn’t this just beg to be run on? 

It’s always nice running in different locations than your usual routes but sometimes leading a run can make you see what has become background ‘noise’ in a new way because you are having to warn others about possible hazards (Tree! Rock! Watch your step! Go to the left!) and tell them about various points of interest as you go (hey, anything to make convo).  As you might have guessed, today was my turn to plan the route for the silly o’clock Sunday runners aka my fellow crazy running mates.


Since they had ran a blistering hot (by UK standards) half marathon the previous Sunday the route included several places where we could cut it short if needed but I also wanted to keep it off the road and as interesting as possible.  I think I succeeded 🙂

poppy field-1

Poppies and Beans

The highlight of the run was coming upon a field full of red poppies…It had been a while since I’d ran that section so it was as much a surprise to me as it was to them and it required a run selfie break.  Too bad the phone camera didn’t do it justice!


The Silly O’Clock Crew

It’s not often I finish a 10 mile run feeling like I could do another 10 easily but today was one of those times and it’s quite a welcome feeling.


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