Running for the sheer joy of it


I’m in a bit of a recovery mode from the Dukeries 40 at the moment, no races or events planned so no pressure to ‘train’ at the moment 🙂

One of my Wednesday dog-walking appointments is for a very active Cocker Spaniel that I do a run/walk with. He loves the water, he loves bounding through tall grass and stopping to stare at the cows and sheep, and most of all he simply loves to RUN, bonus points if he gets to run THROUGH water!  Every session with him leaves me grinning ear to ear because it reminds me running is a joy and a privilege that should never be taken for granted.

Yesterday was one of those grey misty days that seem tailor-made for running in wooded areas. The trees shrouding the trails kept us protected from the hardest of the rain yet allowed in just enough to keep us cool.  The mist deadened our footsteps and muted the bird-song and made it seem like we were the only ones in the forest. Up and down, leaping over exposed roots, splashing through the muddy puddles, and zooming this way or that around the trees–every so often Handsome Hugo would stop and gaze at me, both of us grinning from the sheer joy of what we were doing.  Running doesn’t get much better than this in my very humble opinion.

Every so often it’s important to forget about what the training plan says to do and just do the sort of run that makes you the happiest, whether it’s road or trail, easy amble or full-out sprint, sunny or rainy.  Don’t worry and stress about the time, distance, or pace.  Get out and run for the sheer joy of it.


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