The Stute BDL

The Stute-0198081

And they are off!

Tuesday. It’s May so that means it’s time for The Stute BDL, the 2nd league race of the summer and the one my running club hosts. Definite unsummerlike temps made for a faster time than the previous 2 years but like clockwork I started needing the loo at just past the halfway point–I don’t know what it is about this course that does it to me but it always does.  I suppose it’s because it’s a flat route and therefore faster than what my body is used to running which means I need to be doing more speed-work.

Per my watch I managed 39:33 for the 5.23 mile route, token 204–still can’t break that sub-200 finish.  The last bit of the race one of my club mates was right with me and I was trying to push her on to sprint ahead. The last .23 mile was done at a 6:52 pace and I fully expected her to pip me at the finish line, however the clubmates of the guy just in front of us started yelling at him about not letting the girls pass him and one cannot let that go!

The Stute-0898444

I can occasionally manage a good impression of being a runner

Good race but I really don’t like the course–mostly because we run it quite a lot–the marshals are top-notch but I’m a bit biased (yay, Ilkeston Running Club!) 🙂 Now to take it somewhat easy for the rest of the week and get ready for the Dukeries 40 on Saturday.


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