Another ‘Fun Run’


Will run for Digestives!

This week has been a tough one training wise, for some reason I decided that all my (non-dog walking) run sessions should be threshold runs. Don’t ask why, I’m not quite sure why myself other than I just felt like pushing harder than usual…perhaps it was a side-effect of all the marathon tapering done by so many of my facebook and running club mates 🙂 Between the faster-paced workouts and not having a walking/Nordic Walking/running mileage week of under 40 miles (average has been 50 mpw) since mid-February I think it’s safe to say that my legs are probably ready to declare emancipation.

However one cannot pass up an opportunity to do a cheap as chips 5k that’s within running distance…never mind that the route itself is not a particularly easy one. The last mile is mostly all uphill and I pretty much lost the plot on it. My splits went from 7:09 (first mile is downhill, with the first .5 mile being quite a sharp descent), 7:38 for the 2nd, to 8:16 for the last–not good! Today’s stats: 43/543, 8th woman, 1st WV40+, 23:53 gun time, 23:47 chip time.

Well done to all the club members who raced today! Since I’ve finished up my ‘fun run’ I’ve been refreshing the VLM tracking page to watch the progress of my running mates, some amazing times have been posted.


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