Bramcote 5k 2016


I run a bit of distance and I enjoy it but I’m also one of those odd runners whose favourite distance to race is 5k.  Yes, I said it, I LIKE 5ks! I especially like 5ks that are inclusive and don’t cost an arm and a leg to enter, the Bramcote 5k & 2k Fun Run ticked off both those boxes.

Add in chipped timing with mats for both start and finish, enthusiastic marshals and volunteers, a pretty course with a few inclines to keep things interesting, a medal for the bling collectors, and a banana at the finish and this one is near perfect. The only thing not so nice was the dropping temperature throughout the evening but that’s English weather for you and it does make for good conditions once you are actually running.

My right calf was feeling a bit tight from the previous night’s running club hill relay session so I had no expectations of time…pretty much settled into a comfortably hard pace and smiled for every camera I spied 🙂

Imagine my surprise when I started approaching the finish line and noticed the timer showing 22:58…Not terribly far off of my 5k parkrun pb on a much flatter course. Of course the counter clicked over to 23:02 before I crossed the mats, makes me wish I’d pushed a wee bit harder! Final numbers: 23:02 gun time, 22:55 chip time, 31/181 overall, 6th place woman, and 4th in the female V40 category. Not bad for not racing…Well, not racing until on the final push in and realised I could pass another woman (not competitive then, lol).

What is your preferred race distance?




2 thoughts on “Bramcote 5k 2016

  1. The 5k is a tough event and I always feel the same afterwards completely shattered and yet the feeling you get when you achieve a new PB seems worth it. That all seems a bit distant right now as a longish period of feeling unwell and holidays means I haven’t ran one for some time but I know I have lost all my 5k speed (if you can call my PB speedy). I am starting to run 10k’s now as preparation for a half marathon and Monday morning I am hoping to break the hour for 10k. I am hoping to return to 5k Park running soon but I know I am going to be pretty slow. Have you any advice for HM training as the furthest I have ran so far is only 12k and that was a one off.

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  2. You will get back to the pb smashing again Ken 🙂 Is Robin Hood the half you are signed up for? If so you have plenty of time to build up your base before starting race specific training, the main thing is not to run your long runs at too fast of a pace and to not build up and peak too soon.


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