Could you…

…save a life by administering first aid until an ambulance arrived?  A running club mate recently did just that by administering CPR when someone collapsed at the sports centre we meet up at for our Tuesday and Thursday night runs.  You always hope there is someone around that has those types of skills but in reality we all should take a basic first aid course so we can be that someone.  Thankfully she was there and stepped up to do what was needed that evening.

I had taken a Red Cross basic first aid course in the states because it was required for my RRCA running coach certification but honestly I hadn’t retained as much from it as what I should have–a very good reminder why it’s essential to revise and re-certify regularly.  However the recent actions of the running friend in the aforementioned incident and a couple of running acquaintances that had suffered a heart attack/sudden cardiac death meant that on Sunday’s course I paid far more attention to the instructor and very actively took part in the hands-on training.  I’m still going to be queasy and feel faint when it comes to the sight other people’s blood and vomit but at least I feel confident about administering CPR if it’s needed now.

If you’re not trained in First Aid please consider doing so and if you are make sure the certification is up to date and revise/study until you are confident about what to do in an emergency situation.


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