Teversal BDL

Our summer league has officially kicked off with decidedly un-summerlike conditions at Teversal. This has been amongst my favourite races because it isn’t all on tarmac and in previous years we would run up to the highest (manmade) point in Nottinghamshire which meant we had a huge downhill towards the finish.  There was a change in course this year and while I was moaning over that initially it turned out not to be a bad change after all. There were a few tiny downhill switchbacks and it was a bit cross-countryesque courtesy of over 400 runners and a massive downpour a couple of hours before the start.

Can’t say that I’m terribly happy with my performance, I thought I had placed myself more towards the middle of the pack for a change but ended up near the back (my normal preferred placement) for the start and it was very difficult to get going, we even had a couple of dead stops right after the stop and it wasn’t because of stiles, not sure what the cause of it was though.  There was a fair bit of weaving through other runners for the first mile something I really prefer not to do but I tried to keep to one side of the path while doing so.

Pacing was fairly abysmal, the first mile was 8:12 (too slow), followed by a 7:19 on the second (too fast), with a 7:32, 7:53, and 7:41 on the last 6/10.  36:01 for 4.63 miles, token 229 which would put me just a little further back than middle of the pack.  Will update when the official results are posted.  Overall I think the club did very well with some extremely fast times posted but it looks like the other clubs put out huge teams as well. I do look forward to seeing where we placed.


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