Delusions of Speed


Catchy title eh?

Last night I finally worked up the nerve to reclaim my place at the very back of the speedier group during our Thursday night club run.  Since most of them are tapering for Manchester or entering the final phase of London marathon training it wasn’t going to be a terribly fast one for most so I felt somewhat secure in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be slowing anyone down too much or making them wait for long at the re-grouping points.  All in all it went fairly well, I wasn’t even pushing at maximum effort to keep them in sight–just a nice comfortably hard pace for most of it (7.2 miles in 1:00:50).  Of course once the marathons are over and the recovery is done that will be a different story altogether.

While we are on the subject of running speed, our club handicap was on Tuesday, the first one of the season for the summer course. I much prefer it to the winter course because you don’t have the tight turnaround nor the issue of trying to stay out of the way of the other runners on the pavement when it narrows down.  Having the off road bit is always welcome because it takes your mind off of the lungs bursting-quads burning pace for at least a little while.  I also usually pass people on this section as well because so many try to avoid the puddles and mud and I just plow straight through them (apologies to those who got splashed!). At 23:43 it was 24 very long seconds off of a pb but I was well pleased with the splits and pacing: 7:56, 7:29, 7:19, and 6:24 for the last .10 of a mile.


Sprinting for the finish

Today’s title came from a conversation with one of my running club mates who asked about my recovery from the fractured 5th metatarsal last night, I told him it was going well so long as I didn’t start having any delusions of speed 🙂


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