Wolf’s Pit Fell Race

Another belated race report, the Wolf’s Pit Fell Race from the 20th of March…although I’m not sure you can call what I’m doing lately racing! It was an awesome day for it though, the first run I’ve done in months where my Reynaud’s beset toes actually warmed up–beautiful and sunny and yes even a wee bit warm once we started moving ūüôā

RUN2 (1 of 1) (1)

While Wolf’s Pit wasn’t the first race I’ve done that required the mandatory kit under FRA rules of full waterproofs, hat, gloves, map, compass, and whistle it is the first one where I had the kit checked. Thankfully I’d finally remembered to order a compass the week prior so didn’t have to borrow one (thank you Amazon for the fast delivery!), I’d found a Montane taped waterproof jacket with hood for practically nothing on ebay (for some reason adding a hood to a jacket jacks the cost up by at least ¬£20) so didn’t have to borrow that again either, and while I couldn’t find a link to print the map off they did provide extra copies at race registration (whew).

I did manage to refrain from overdressing on this one: shorts, club vest, sleeves, and gloves. ¬†The sleeves did come off within a mile but the great thing about them is you don’t have to fuss about with your pack to get them off–and if you want a frugal way to try them out just find some knee or over the knee socks and cut the feet off, they work just as well as my more expensive made for purpose sleeves.

Shatton awesom (1 of 1)

Pic courtesy of Mossie Net Photography

Like all good fell races Wolf’s Pit goes up almost immediately. And up. Up some more. Then even more! ¬†This one is classified as an AS race–one of the more difficult locally–the A means it averages no less than 250 feet up per mile climbed and no more than 20% of the total distance being on road, S is for races under 6 miles. ¬†Needless to say I was hoping that my calf injury had finally healed up because this is where it would have gone TWANG! again. ¬†Fortunately it held out and I had no issues from it, partially from the warmer weather and that I’d carried along the travel size Stick (affiliate¬†link to similar) and rolled out my legs before the start.

Did I mention it goes up? We have the huge monster climb at the start then a series of small ups and downs before a moderate length of downhill then another shortish bit of climb. It’s at this point you can look down the valley and you can see the cars parked up in the field where the finish line is and one might be lulled into thinking the race was almost over…NOPE! We had another big climb and approximately 1.5 miles left. Totally cruel!


Wolf’s Pit Strava

Since I was taking this one slightly more seriously than the previous fell race I can’t tell you anything detailed about the course other than it was really steep both up and down. There were some areas of picking your way down through the heather that I’m sure was beautiful and the views at the top were probably breathtaking in more than the climbing up a bloody long way but I wouldn’t know. ¬†I did take the time to tap the trig point as I went by. I also did my utmost best to smile and thank all the volunteers and other path users in between my gasps for air (not unlike a fish flopping about on the bank) so as to not totally frighten anyone with my run face.


Another Mossie Net pic

It does seem funny now but the most soul-sucking climb of all was the little bitty one just past the ford and up into the field for the finish line!


Why I run: Great friends, hot soup, and CAKE! 

Boring stat section:  210/262 overall, 5.71 miles in 1:07:54, 8th female/5th V40 in the Notts AAA Fell Running Championships. Nothing special but I finished and the same as before, major suckage on the ups and passed people on the downs.

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