The Birthday Run-Frosty’s Final Event 10k

Technology. It’s wonderful when it works correctly but when things go awry it’s a downright hassle–it’s also a reminder of how dependent we’ve become on things like a fast and reliable internet connection, something there’s been a lack of for me lately.  It seems to be sorted out now but it was almost a month solid of erratic and sometimes no internet at all.


At the start

My last post back in the middle of February was talking about how I was going to run a race every weekend to celebrate the month of my birth and I did manage to accomplish that! The next race, Frosty’s Final Event 10k happened to fall on the day of my birth so it was perfect timing and it was for a good cause–you can read about Chris Frost’s story of his daughter Bella’s battle with meningitis here (and perhaps donate a £ or 2).  Entry fee was a donation and the only request was that you wear something orange.


Still feeling good, not sure what is up with the wonky stride though


Jaffa cakes in hand (not literally, they were in a bag left at the start/finish) for the running club for after and wearing the brightest orange shorts ever, I lined up in the middle of the pack feeling somewhat strong. I know the park where we were racing quite well thanks to the Nordic Walking sessions so was confident of knowing where to push the pace and when to take it slightly easier.  My problem was that I didn’t bother doing a proper warm-up run (yes, I certainly know better)…and a mis-step about 1.5 miles into the race caused me to over-extend my right calf and I felt the muscle PING!!!!!!!  I had 2 choices, I could finish the race at a much slower pace or make my way back to the carpark, either option I was going to have to walk or run quite a way so I decided to continue on with the 10k. The downhills and straights were sort of fine, it ached but was bearable, the uphills on the other hand were nearly unbearable–Cardiac Hill had me in tears.


Just before Cardiac Hill



Since my chances of having a good finish time were over, I decided to stop at the loos at the tea room just after Cardiac Hill (didn’t go for that final pre-race wee) to blow my nose and yes, take care of the pressing bladder issue.  All I wanted was for it to be finished but since it was my birthday I didn’t want to give up.  The cheers at the finish line from the running club made it worth the agony though! Final time per my watch was 5.94 miles  in 53:08, not sure of the official time because I never looked it up.


Just after Cardiac Hill and the tears


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