Recovery Workout

As promised on the Of Runsound Mind facebook page I’ve created a graphic for tonight’s PT workout.  Since I’m recovering from the Wilmot Wander and my friend has just gotten over being ill I wanted to keep it somewhat low-key but still feel like we had actually done something.  The great thing about this workout is that it can be done at a slower pace like we did tonight or it can be ramped up into heart-pounding, sweat flying, muscle burning territory.

Upper Body Interval Workout

To make it more intense simply increase the length of the intervals, do the moves faster, or lift heavier weights.  Mix or match any (or all!) of those for the days you are wanting to set your lungs and shoulders on fire.  In keeping with the easing back into it though we used somewhat lighter weights and moderate intensity for the cardio intervals.  The awesome thing is that both those are both heavier and faster than what we were doing 2 months ago.


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