Returning to speed workouts

Today was the first day for me to start easing back into adding speed workouts to my training. As has been my modus operandi for the past several years I started out with 10 sets of 30/30s–I did say I was easing back into it 😉

For those unfamiliar with 30/30s it is an interval based workout where you run hard for 30 seconds then recover for 30, I’m a believer in active recoveries for intervals so these are done at a slog (my term for very slow jog) rather than a walk or stopping.  This active recovery in my opinion helps your body and brain stay in the keep moving forward mode rather than teaching it to stop after an intense effort.

I also like time based intervals over distanced based because as my very wise and speedy training partner back in the states is fond of saying, your body knows time, it doesn’t know distance and I’ve learned she is very right on this!

If you have a Garmin gps watch that supports workouts–I have the 610–then you can create it on the Garmin Connect site then sync it to your watch so you don’t have to constantly watch it, just start the workout and run!  My mistake today was not paying enough attention to what I was doing and included the cool-down in the repeat steps so I had to keep hitting lap after each run/recovery interval.

Steps for creating a 30/30 interval workout in Garmin Connect (the modern version)

  1. Go to workouts
  2. Select a workout type from dropdown menu, in this case it is run
  3. Choose Add a Step–Warm up is always good for the first one 🙂 then Select a duration. I usually choose time but you also have the option for distance, lap button press, calories, or heart rate
  4. Input your time or distance for your warm up, there will also be another dropdown menu for intensity target but I generally don’t use one on this step
  5. Click Add a Repeat from the right hand side
  6. Click the + (plus) button to choose the number of intervals you want to do. I chose 10
  7. There will be 2 menu options below the Repeat _ Times, Run and Recover. Within those there are also other options but for this workout the run and recover is what I used
  8. Choose time on the Select a Duration drop down menu then input :30 (30 seconds) for both Run and Recover
  9. Click Add a Step from the right hand side of the page
  10. Choose Cool down from the drop-down menu
  11. For Select a duration I usually choose Lap Button Press but you can also set it for a specific time or distance
  12. Name your workout (the pencil next to the Run Workout at the top), this could also be done at the start if you choose
  13. Click Save Workout on the right hand side
  14. Click Send to Device
  15. Make sure it has synced to your watch!!!



If the technology deities have smiled upon you then this workout will be saved on your device to use forevermore or until you have to do a hard reset on your watch 🙂 I like this because all I have to do is listen for the beeps instead of having to always watch the numbers. It counts down the 10 minute (or however long you chose) warmup, there is a series of beeps and another tone to indicate the work is starting then there are countdown beeps between each run and recover interval.

Hopefully this will help others get the workout set-up without having any mistakes like I had today.


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