AMRAP this.

It’s been a crazy busy sort of month so far! In no way am I complaining because it means I am not injured and that of course is one of my goals for 2016–to try and get through the year injury-free 🙂

Yesterday’s training session was a cardio/core 30 minute AMRAP workout.  AMRAP=as many rounds (or reps) as possible within a set amount of time, with no rest or very minimal rest between each round.  In this workout I chose to use three 10 minute circuits with 3 moves in each. It’s enough to tax your body but also keep you from getting discouraged and bored.

10 Minute AMRAPs

Circuit 1 initially was to be done with 10 burpees but after 2 rounds I reduced it to 5, the press-ups/push-ups were modified knee version until near the end of the 10 minutes then we switched to full press-ups.  The walking lunges were actually done on the length of my drive and back to the garage but it averaged out to be 24 lunges.

The skip rope on Circuit 2 can be done with the rope or without, I opted for without so that we could stay in the garage. Tuck abs (which I need to do a video of) were done on the fitness dome (for Wendy) or the tyre (me).

Circuit 3 is pretty much self-explanatory but we did do the mountain climbers on the fitness dome and tyre.

Again there should only be just enough rest between each 10 minute circuit to just catch your breath and lower the heart-rate, you don’t want to totally cool-down before starting the next.

We also added in 3 sets of 10 reps each of glute bridges and Russian twists plus Wendy got to flip Treadnought (the big tyre) the length of the drive and back for a total of 10 flips.  The cool-down consisted of a .25 mile walk with skips, backward walking, and cariocas.


Me and Treadnought September 2014

My only complaint with this workout is that we couldn’t chat in between gasping for air (it should be very cardio-intensive) because of having to count the amount of reps for each move–that’s where intervals win out. You work as hard as possible without worrying about the number you are doing.

A funny little coincidence occurred yesterday though–I had decided to tag along with Catherine‘s Uni Nordic Walking class after leading a beginner’s session and she included a press-up/push-up stop mid-way through AND we did up-hill cross-country skiing style intervals which were very reminiscent of the walking lunges I’d included in the pt session earlier!


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