Zombies, Run! app

I only occasionally run with music, most of the time I prefer the sounds of the birds, my thoughts, the traffic, my feet, and yes even my own breathing. During this time of building back up my running after fracturing a metatarsal I have taken to bringing along the mp3 player sometimes to alleviate the frustration of not being at the speed I want to be at already.  There’s also been a lot of chatter about the Zombies, Run! app so I finally got around to downloading it to my phone this afternoon (another thing I usually don’t like carrying along with me).  I must say that it was incredibly fun!!!!! I don’t have any of my playlists downloaded to my phone so I just used it sans music and I think I would prefer it without.  My only word of advice–don’t start out your run too terribly fast or you will be struggling when it tells you to put on a burst of speed! Perhaps not using it right at sundown on a dreary day might be wise as well 😉

Today’s run ended up being being 3.58 miles in 30 minutes, which I think is the fastest to date since I’ve gotten the all-clear to return to running.


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