Bodyweight Alternating Pyramid Workout

While I incorporate a lot of the same moves in the workouts I set up I do try to change up how they are performed.  Tabata or other intervals feature a lot because it’s easier to push yourself for a set amount of time rather than aiming for a specific number.  Occasionally I will throw in the traditional style workout with the standard 8-10 reps and other times I will plan something like this alternating pyramid bodyweight workout that we did on Wednesday. It does seem easy when you start–that is if anything featuring burpees can be considered easy–but once you reach the 8 burpees/3 squats section you do start questioning just what were you thinking when you wrote this out!

The burpees were the full jump/arms in the sky type, the squats were crossfit style air squats, pressups/pushups were modified to be on the knees until the last 3/2/1 reps when we switched to on the toes and the lunges were reverse lunges (right leg/left leg=1 rep). After we recovered from the pyramid sets there was some additional core work.  All in all quite a good session.

Bodyweight Alternating Pyramid Workout



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