Dirty Dozen and Storm Frank*

So who has ventured out to brave a run during Storm Frank? After this morning’s strength training session it still hadn’t started raining in my corner of the UK so I decided to give it a go and it seemed like I was running in place during a couple of sections! It wasn’t a very long run but with the gale force winds and doing it after today’s workout it was enough to turn my legs into jell-o/jelly. Not sure if it counts as badassery or dumbassery (probably a bit of both) but I felt quite smug after I finished up.

Dirty dozen


Today’s workout is fairly self-explanatory with the graphic but what I didn’t include was that we did 2 burpees in between each repetition of 12 and if that wasn’t tough enough we did a press-up on the down portion of the second burpee. My workout partner was a wee bit hung-over but she still held tough and completed the workout–we ended up with 3 complete rounds in 26:23.

FYI: Running skirts are super cute and comfortable to run in but not so good for doing your after workout foam rolling in! I kept ending up rolling the skirt up in the roller.

*I renamed it Frankenstorm while we were watching the wind pummel the trees.


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