Rest day

Today I was meant to be acting as an alternate for the running club at the Wollaton Park Festive Relays but a sore throat, sniffly nose, and red, itchy eyes meant I ended up cancelling that and taking today as a complete rest day.  Unlike the family who brought their very ill child to the shop and allowed him to cough open-mouthed all over everyone in the fruit and veg section I decided it wouldn’t be very nice to share the cold germs despite it being the season of giving.

Yesterday was also a rest day from running but I did lead two Nordic Walking sessions then headed out for a more intense hill-repeat session on my own after the last one was finished.  For those not familiar with Nordic Walking it is an amazing workout once you get the technique down and I find it complements the running quite well especially if you are training for an ultra where periods of walking are planned.  Of course you do have to deal with some curious stares and the occasional ‘Where’s your skis?’ comments but hey, we should be used to that sort of thing already courtesy of Forrest Gump!

I’m off to nurse another cuppa (decaf lemon-ginger tea) and plan tomorrow’s personal training session. In the meantime what is your favourite cold remedy and cross-training activity?

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