Christmas Day Run


ofrunsoundmind christmas

Merry Christmas!

Normally on Christmas I run first thing in the morning but because today’s plans were very low-key I decided to have a bit of a lie-in instead.  It was quite peaceful and warm snuggled in between the two mutts and my partner, listening to the duelling snores and I did finish reading a book I’d started earlier in the week (surprisingly not about running for once).

It was well after lunch before I finally got laced up and out the door and I fully expected to see quite a few people out with their dogs walking off the excesses of Christmas feasts but surprisingly there was only one other person out on the path today.  It was so incredibly peaceful and it gave me an opportunity to play about with trying to take some video which may or may not be posted on here later.

Since it was a short run and tonight’s training session has been cancelled due to it being Christmas and all I did a short workout immediately after using the fitness dome which consisted of 50 air squats, 3×10 full pressups, 1×15 lunges, and 3×10 tuck abs.

I hope all have received just what they wanted from Santa and that your day has been filled with the warmth and love of family and friends and that your run was a festive one!


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