Straight Up Tabata Workout

Straight up tabata (1)

Most of my strength and core workouts are some variation of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and quite frequently I opt for the Tabata style of :20 seconds work/:10 seconds recovery for four minutes. It’s somewhat less intimidating than longer intervals (important when you are setting up workouts for someone else) and you can use only a few seconds more to get you through without quitting when it’s starting to burn. And trust me, it will burn.

The Tabata style also lends itself to compound workouts–I will choose 2 moves and alternate those for the four minutes. It’s not quite as intense as doing one exercise throughout the entire duration but it’s very effective and again works well when you are training someone.  I’m very fond of this format (as some might have already noticed) but occasionally you do have to go for the straight up tabatas (bonus points if you began to hum the Paula Abdul song!) and take yourself to the pain cave.

The first couple of :20 intervals will seem oh so incredibly easy but by the 3rd and 4th you are starting to wonder just what in the world you have gotten yourself into and by the 6th you are starting to beg for mercy. On the 8th you will swear that your muscles have turned to jelly (jell-o if you are from the states like me). If that isn’t happening then you are cheating somehow and need to do a form and intensity check.

Hopefully this cover of ‘Straight Up’ will make up for the earworm 🙂


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