Adidas Kanadia 7 Review

Last week during one of the pre-dawn runs I caught a glimpse of my shadow when running through an industrial park. The shadow looked strong, it had great form, and looked like a runner–pretty much the exact opposite of how I felt but it gave me hope that I was back on track to become what the shadow was promising.  Hope. It’s all one can aim for really, well that and a lot of hard work.


Today’s shadow selfie

Today I had a bit of a lie in and went out in the glorious sunshine aiming to do a slightly muddier run in order to test out a pair of Adidas Kanadia 7 trainers I’d bought on super duper markdown before fracturing the metatarsal.  This was actually the third run in them this week and while they were all right for the civilised canal paths there has been one issue right off with these trainers–the tongue and laces do not stay in place! I always re-lace my running shoes in the method recommended to prevent black toenails and that combined with the lace lock method means the tongue slips around to the outside and the lace ends up against my ankle.


Trainer Selfie

This is not terribly bothersome past the first couple of minutes running but it would become an issue on anything resembling a long run.  It also becomes a huge issue on a muddy bog of a run because the mud acts as a vacuum trying to suck your shoes off your feet and the laces begin to cut into your feet  where they have slipped out of place. Not good.

The tread on them is not terribly aggressive which means they are perfect for routes that are mixed terrain but again do not expect them to keep you in place if you are trudging through the mud–a recurring theme yes, but I do live in England and prefer to run off-road which means mud is inevitable–I was slipping about a fair bit.  The soles also do not shed the mud off very well, they are not quite as bad as some I’ve had but it’s nowhere near as good as the Inov-8s I wear for cross country.


Sole of the Adidas Kanadia 7s

I do love the colour combination but I have a soft spot for obnoxiously hued trainers.  The Kanadia 6s got me through off-road training for a marathon last year with no issues other than not being the best for the muddiest (there’s that M word again!) areas and I still wear them for the occasional Nordic Walking session or dog walk but I can’t see the 7s holding up as long–or rather my feet holding up with the tongue/lace issue. The trainer itself is comfortable, the fractured metatarsal area doesn’t get as cranky on the downhills as it does with other shoes but the aforementioned issue means these won’t be a re-purchase.


I do love the colour combination

As far as the run itself, it was a bit meh. I enjoyed being out in the sunshine but today was my 3rd day in a row of running and the legs are feeling fatigued. Still would have been a shame to let the weather go to waste!


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