2 Month Anniversary

Yesterday was the 2 month anniversary of me fracturing the 5th metatarsal in my right foot so thought an update might be in order.  Obviously I’m working out and running again, the vast majority of the time the foot is fine but every now and then I will do something that reminds me quite quickly there is a not all the way fused bone in there.  And yes before I get questioned as to why I’m running on a not completely healed fracture, the doctor did give me the go-ahead so long as I was smart about what I did.  Of course smart and me don’t always belong in the same sentence!

Today’s run was a short one (let’s not mention that they all are right now!), a 2.62 mile run in honour of a dear friend who is running her first marathon back home in Arkansas this morning.  It’s quite blustery and warm here, I’m listening to the wind howl outside the windows as I write this and wondering if the wash I hung out on the line will still be there when I return from a trip into Derby and listening to the trees creak ominously as I ran the canal path was quite spooky.  It also reminded me in my haste to get out the door that I forgot to wear my Road ID band and that if one of those tree branches came down and knocked me into the canal then it would be a while before anyone knew who I was and who to notify.  Don’t forget some sort of ICE information when you head out!!!! Another bit of kit I neglected to grab was the head torch and today was the day I should have had it along if for nothing else than to watch out for hedge brambles whipping about waiting to snag the unwary runners out without their essential kit.

So now that my PSA is done I’m off to get ready for a day of walking about checking out charity shops 🙂 Enjoy your weekend running everyone and be smart about it (unlike me!!!).


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