In pursuit of peace

My sleep pattern has been shot to hades due to stress and the ever lengthening hours of darkness so while I would have preferred to have been up and out the door well before the sun rose I was a little grateful for the extra hour of sleep my mind decided to grant me this morning. I still managed to get out right before sunrise and that time of day has its charms as well.  The birds serenaded me with their morning chatter and song, the swans were on the bank stretching ever so gracefully and preening themselves and the rabbits were out and about, their cottontails flashing as I disturbed their foraging.  A handful of dog-walkers were already out as well, one of the dogs barking up a storm at a squirrel in a tree and barely spared me a glance as I chugged by.  Someone also had been out laying a trail of bread for the ducks across the canal trail which became an impromptu game of hopscotch (is it called that here in the UK?) as I tried to avoid trampling it down into the mud and leaves.

As always I feel so refreshed and alive once I’ve gotten out and started running, today was a bit of a struggle though. The air felt incredibly oppressive and the wind was one of those that hits you at an angle so no matter which direction you run it’s always a headwind. According to my garmin I managed to run my 30 minute easy route slightly faster than the one on Sunday and I reached the gnarled tree I use for a turnaround landmark well before I expected. Paid for the ‘speed’ on the last 3/4 of a mile though, my legs were feeling so very heavy.

Obviously early morning runs are my favourite, what is your preferred time of day to run?


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