A Taste of Tabata


Tabata Taster (1)

Hmmm, not terribly happy with how tonight’s graphic turned out but it is a learning process. The workout tonight included some new to me moves, some of them turned out well (the squat catch with halo) and others are going to require a bit more practise (the heel to toe to gunslinger) but overall this was a nice midweek full-body workout.  As always, I use kettlebells, medicine ball, and elastic bands along with the fitness dome from York and the free tyres I’ve gotten from various places.

Format of the workout is very loosely based on Tabatas where I set the timer for 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest, 8 rounds for each set of moves. For example it would end up being 4 sets of prisoner squats and 4 sets of alternating curls.  In between each ‘tabata’ set we take enough rest to recover and catch our breath but it’s not a terribly long amount of time.  The key is to keep the cardio effect going.  Also I didn’t start out with doing 8 circuits, we built up to this from 4 or 5 circuits.  This particular workout ends up being around 35-40 minutes depending on how long we rest between circuits but it seems to fly by much quicker.

At some point I will work up the nerve to video some of the moves!


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