The Countdown Workout

Cross training is important for runners, a strong core can help keep your form good even as you fatigue.  The problem with most of us runners is that we really don’t like doing anything besides run! Half the battle is getting into the habit and making time for weight training, it doesn’t have to be hours long either, doing a short but intense HIIT or Tabata session can be just as effective and of course can double as cardio.

Fortunately I have a friend who asked me to act as her personal trainer so for now I have no excuse to NOT do a strength workout 3 times a week…Well I could skip it but I feel ever so slightly guilty for making someone do a workout that I’m not willing to do myself 🙂


Above is the workout we did last night, or at least the first part of it.  I initially thought this was going to be far too easy right up until circuit 7! After we completed this and taking a short break to recover of course, we then did 3×10 of kettlebell swings, figure 8s, donkey kicks (10 each leg), fire hydrants (same as donkey kicks, 10 each leg) and 5 half Turkish Get-Ups on each side. I’ve also explained on the facebook site that the press-ups were modified until the 5th circuit then I changed over to full ones. My friend also did her mountain climbers using the fitness dome (similar to a BOSU ball) to activate her core muscles just that much more. The squats can also be made more intensive by using additional weight like a kettlebell or medicine ball.


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