And the waiting continues…Week 5


The boot and I taking a dog for a walk

I forgot the week 4 update of the 5th metatarsal fracture recovery process but really there wasn’t much change from the previous week.  This week however has been a little different…I was sitting at my desk filling out a LAR doing my wiggling and tapping toes exercises when I realised there was no pain. No aching.  An almost normal feeling foot! Of course a few hours later some aching returned but for a short blissful time there was nothing!

The amount of time I’m staying out of the boot is increasing and I even ventured out on a short test drive in my hiking boots (the only low-heeled boots I have that are stiff-soled enough to wear with the broken foot) to make sure that I could get myself about in case of emergency.  It was a success although walking about I felt very off-balance–sort of like a drunk lamb staggering about only not as cute.  It’s going to take a fair bit of rehab/physio to regain the flexibility in my foot before I can return to running so it looks like the fitness dome will get lots of use once I get the all-clear that my foot is A-Ok to start working out without the boot on.

Speaking of working out, last Friday marked the 3rd week of working out with a friend so crossing my fingers that all fitness won’t be lost. We meet 3x a week and while the workout plans are tailored for her I can still do quite a bit of them although I’m not sure she’s forgiven me for the night I showed up at hers in jeans and with a pressup/squat/elliptical session that I ‘supervised’ 😉


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