Update on the fractured foot: End of week 3

Yesterday marked the end of the 3rd week of recovery with the 5th metatarsal fracture, I miss running but I think I miss the ability to drive myself anywhere more! Thankfully I have some awesome friends who have been giving me lifts to places like the gym (upper body and core workouts) and just out and about.

Progress on the healing is proceeding quite well in my opinion, there was a bit of an itchy stage on the fracture area itself last week and the pain has eased into a dull ache. I’m now able to sleep without the boot on and walk about in the house without it provided I’m VERY careful and slow and will start with the stretching exercises this week.  One disconcerting moment was this morning when I realised that my foot felt very much like it did the year I suffered plantar fasciitis–my guess it is a combination of keeping the foot immobile and the slight difference in height between the walking boot and my regular boot.

Yesterday I volunteered at our local junior parkrun and then provided support at the 2nd fixture our winter BDL cross country race (thanks to one of the aforementioned awesome friends).  I ended up getting put to work at the xc collecting the tokens and marking down everyone’s position–quite stressful for someone who has never had the greatest penmanship that was made worse by the broken thumb from a slip during an orienteering event summer before last!


Need to photoshop this to read Caution Injured Runner

If you have a junior parkrun near you please volunteer to help out! You don’t have to have kids to do so and it is incredibly fulfilling to get out and cheer them on especially when they run faster after receiving encouragement. Oh, and let’s not forget the high-fives!

Me and the boot hanging out at our marshal position

Me and the boot hanging out at our marshal position


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