If you can’t run, read about it!

So what does an injured runner do when they are in the DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING phase of their recovery? Catch up on the ever growing stack of running books they have accumulated but haven’t had time to read because they are usually too busy running of course! I’ve mentioned on social media that I’m working my way through the 2nd of  Ron Hill’s ‘The Long Hard Road’ opus but due to the tiny print of it I had to give my ageing eyes a break from. The copy of  ‘Running & Philosophy a marathon for the mind’  that I received from a Fetch Everyone giveaway earlier in the year has been beckoning with its stark white cover and clean lines so I finally opened it up.


I’m only about a third of the way through it but one of the essays titled ‘In Praise of the Jogger’ struck so much of a chord that I found myself writing this post…not because of the obvious jogger versus runner terminology which has caused many a cringe whenever someone I know starts a sentence with ‘I saw you out jogging…’ but because of the choice of pronouns used in various sections.  It’s a great little essay, I quite agree with the author’s descriptions of Prize Runners and Challenge Runners and yes even the joggers (it’s mostly not derogatory although a tone of superiority does tend to creep in) but I just couldn’t get past the usage and placement of he/she.  It seemed like ‘he’ was used whenever a more competitive viewpoint was expressed and ‘she’ with the softer sections.  Not just once but repeatedly.  Yeah.

We could blame this on my crankiness due to not being able to run (or cycle, or even walk more than a few feet) but no, this would get to me even if I had my endorphin fix. If you have read this essay please let me know what you thought of it. Did you notice the pronoun usage as well?

Right, mini-grumble over. I have books to read, bone(s) to mend, dogs to cuddle, and cups of tea to drink.

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